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Available Work

All my figures are original “one-of-a-kind “ creations, and so are completely unique.

I don’t use moulds or patterns at any stage in their construction, and rarely repeat figures.

They are made entirely by hand by me, and so can be described as Artist Dolls.

I usually work in twelfth scale, the most common “doll-house” size, so  completed figures

stand just under 6 inches (15cm) tall, although I also work in other scales. 

I sculpt the figures in artist’s polymer clay  with wire joints so dolls can be posed.

I then carefully paint them and create and style their mohair wigs. The costumes are created

from fine cottons and silks, and vintage fabrics, lace, and trimmings where possible.

If I cannot find exactly what I need, I will often paint, dye, embroider or otherwise

embellish the fabric myself. Each figure takes at least 20 hours to complete

depending on the complexity of the design,  and often considerably more.

The multiple-figure groups take several weeks to complete.

 Prices range from about £45 to £250 each.

All my figures are for adult collectors only and are not suitable for children.

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